The Costs of Scouting

The cost to register with the Boy Scouts of America is $33 per year; transferring to another unit is $1. These fees are the same for youth and adults. Boys' Life magazine is $12.00 per year; Scouting magazine is included with the adult registration. Fees are usually collected in October in order to meet the deadline for re-chartering in November. For current information, go to the New Member applications listed on the National Forms Page

The Troop also collects dues per Scout of $5.00 per-month. This is collected on the first Monday of each month, and is payable to the Troop Treasurer. Scout families can also make a single payment of $50 on or before February 28th.

The troop requires that the boys pay camping fees. These are due before a campout and are approximately $20/trip broken down as follows: $5.00 per night for a site; $10.00 a weekend for food (paid to the patrol’s ‘grub master’ the Monday before the trip) and $5.00 for gas (paid directly to the driver on the day of the trip). This does not apply to Summer Camp, which is a weeklong trip. Any refunds or additional monies needed are resolved at the first troop meeting after their return from the campout.

There is a cost for purchasing Scouting Uniforms. Please see our policy on Official (Class A) and Activity (Class B) uniform requirements. New members should have their uniforms by 4 weeks after joining.

There is also a cost to purchase personal equipment i.e.: Sleeping bags, Tents, etc. Feel free to talk to the Scoutmaster about where to get the recommended equipment.

The Friends of Scouting Campaign is an annual event in the March/April timeframe. Our District/Council representative makes a presentation to ask for a donation to cover the cost of providing the scouting program in our area. It is a voluntary donation.

Finally the Troop asks that you and your Scout support our efforts in fund raising. Monies from this help towards your son's Summer Camp fees and Scouting needs. It also helps us as a troop to purchase equipment and needs for the Troop. When your son participates in troop fundraisers, the profits are divided in half.  Half of the profits are reserved for the troop’s general fund and half of the profits are shared by the Scouts who participated in the fundraiser, added to their Scout Buck accounts.  The treasurer maintains the Scout Buck records. See also Troop Guidebook